Hidden power surge costs

shocking to homeowners.

Unhappy homeowner Tom Serdar spent around $500 trying to get his dishwasher fixed. The front control panel was replaced twice in two weeks before his repair guy discovered the unhappy truth “your electronics are fried. Better get another dishwasher…oh, and it will happen again unless you get a surge protector.”

Is your home protected

against power surge perils?

It is estimated that more than eight million people and businesses on the East Coast lost electricity during Hurricane Sandy. When the power came back up, many of them likely experienced new headaches and inconveniences as the power surge burned out electronics throughout their homes and workplaces.

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Power surges can invisibly cost a homeowner a lot of money.  It doesn’t even have to be a big event like lightning. These mini surges are completely normal part of the power grid.

“Even if they have surge protectors on their computers and TVs, most people don’t think to protect their garage door openers or expensive Sub-Zero refrigerators,” said Jim Turner, owner of Dallas-based Apex Electrical



Jim Turner